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About Us

Everything we do is geared towards you

At DealerReg, our primary focus is you. All of our operations have been carefully crafted with you and your business in mind. Whether you are a small car dealership that has found themselves selling vehicles outside of their home state or a large financial institution or fleet company that needs title and registration support, DealerReg is here to help with all of your title and registration needs in any of the 50 states! 

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Our Story

With humble beginnings come great stories. Ours is based on our team and their story. Our team comes from all different walks of life, industries and parts of the country. They all share one thing in common, the desire to get your work done faster and easier than any other service. We get it done right the first time, every time.


DealerReg knows what its like to be in your position because we have a team that has been there. Our staff comes straight from the actual DMV, credit unions, leasing companies and automotive dealerships. We started this company because we saw that there was a major gap in the titling and registration industry that needed to be filled with a competent and responsive service, and that's where DealerReg shines!

Our service is designed with simplicity in mind. Just submit a quote for service, get an estimate on the fees and forward your paperwork to us. Once we receive them, they will be reviewed and sent out for processing. Once we get it back, you will be notified at the moment we have them in hand and we can arrange shipping it to you or your client.


We keep records of the transaction on file for you so if you ever need access to it, its there waiting for you.

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